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Will's Last Visit    mixed media

Will came last night, clothed as a shamen

Visiting like he had many times before

This time with piercing eyes, 

Eyes wild and crazy, 

And eager for the new world that was coming with the dawn,


Will planned his new world,

A world without plastic, and anything that would corrupt the innocence of man,

Will had met with God and knew what was needed,

He would make a world to his own careful plan.


A new world,

A better world,

A world of stunning beauty,

Where sincerity and virtue have the upper hand,

Will knew he had this chance, 

Perhaps this one last chance,

To make his plan for everyone to understand,

So we sat in the kitchen naming things, Perfect things

Things without corruption

Things pure and whole 

But nothing with Devils Tails,

Nothing to spoil Will’s fairytale,

As we waited patiently for the ‘Big Guns’ to come.

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