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             Riding the Man Bird    mixed media

“Yes”, whispered Man-Bird, “We mustn’t worry about that, after all it won’t be for long now.”

Punchinello thought long and hard about it, he couldn’t wait for it to be over, he had borne the ridicule for months.

“But, why is it taking so long? Couldn’t they have eaten it like they usually do? It would have been far less bother!”

Punchinello was tired and the stream went on for another ten miles meaning they wouldn’t get there before dark.

Punchinello sighed, “Why can’t they just get it right for once, one twist and that would have finished the job.”

Manbird was losing the feeling in his legs. The stream was getting colder the higher they went and he needed to rest. The promise of a warm campfire focussed his mind and drove him on.


“Why can’t you fly us there, it would be much quicker?" Mocked Punchinello.

“What with you on my back, you’re becoming so fat and heavy with eating so much, I can hardly carry you.” 

With that Manbird threw Punchinello down onto the narrow bank


Punchinello lay there with Manbird beside him gasping for breath. They wouldn’t get there tonight and tomorrow would be far too late.

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